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Invasions and Expansions of a 1000 Years

Invasions and Expansions of a 1000 Years
By Ehsan Honary - Sunday, November 14, 2010
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Sometimes a visualisation of history can be quite powerful in seeing what the world has gone through. I recently came across this fascinating video showing the formation, expansion and decline of many civilizations in Europe. It is nice to watch as a particular land gets criss-crossed over time by various nations. 

The map animation particularly looks similar to what we see in our Risk games everyday and has a somewhat familiar feel to it. I wish the makers of the video stamped the animation with a year and also I wish to see this type of animation for the whole world and for much longer than 1000 years, may be starting from 5000 years ago to include Egyptians as well. 

Is anyone aware of such a video, or here is a challenge, is anyone up for it to make one? 

UPDATE (31/12/2010): The video is unfortunately pulled from YouTube. I have included another source. Meanwhile, if you know of this or something similar please share it with the fan community.


EUROPE HISTORY: 10 centuries in 5 minutes
Uploaded by karelcio. - Up-to-the minute news videos.


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Invasions and Expansions of a 1000 Years
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