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How to Spot an Ally?

How to Spot an Ally?
Psychology, Diplomacy, Strategy

Article Rating:::: 10 Ratings :::: 7 Solutions ::::Sunday, May 6, 2007
It is sometimes desired to have allies in Risk. Having an ally has many benefits. You will have one less enemy to deal with. In addition, your ally is likely to fight with your enemies reducing their power even further. You may also get him to help you on strategies and initiate a campaign together as part of a global plan.

All in all this sounds great. However, as always there is a catch. The most fundamental problem is that there can only be one winner. As a result, you and your ally will inevitably need to face each other at some point in the game. Therefore, alliances are short term solutions. An alliance is there to benefit the two parties for a while and when the circumstances have changed, the alliance is terminated, expired or broken.
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How to Know if Someone is Bluffing?

How to Know if Someone is Bluffing?
Psychology, Diplomacy

Article Rating:::: 3 Ratings :::: 1 Solutions ::::Thursday, May 3, 2007
There are many times that you may be confronted with a situation that you like to instantly discover if someone is trying to deceive you. Is there a way to know for certain? Well, it turns out that there is indeed a technique you can use to know if someone is bluffing.
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How to Get People to Like You?

How to Get People to Like You?
Psychology, Diplomacy

Article Rating:::: 8 Ratings :::: 0 Solutions ::::Saturday, April 21, 2007
Ever wondered how can you get people to like you. If they like you, the chances are that they will be on your side. There are a number of techniques you can use such as being with positive people, not trying to be too perfect, getting them to do favours and so on. Here, I will explore these and provide a number of examples in the context of Risk.

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