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Scenario 7: Revenge

Diplomacy, Online, Player Profile, Psychology

Article Rating:::: 13 Ratings :::: 6 Solutions ::::Saturday, June 9, 2007
Risk Game Scenario 7: Revenge Position A

What if you have a history with another player? This happens all the time. You play a few games and you start to get ruthless as the games progress. You develop a history. Even if you forget what you have done to others, they may not forget it. There comes a time when they want to take revenge and they may attempt this when you least expect it.

Hence, you always need to be prepared and ‘remember’ the history between you and other players. If you suspect that a player is planning to take revenge; you need to contain him or remove him from the game. However, saying this is easier than done. The following scenario illustrates this concept.

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Scenario 6: Wrong Move

Diplomacy, Online, Psychology

Article Rating:::: 9 Ratings :::: 26 Solutions ::::Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Risk Strategies, Scenario 6: Wrong Move


Playing online Risk games is always different from playing with the board game. Performing diplomacy with text chat isn't quite the same. Nevertheless, the capability is there and it is possible to use it to perform some limited diplomacy.

In one of my online games, as it turned out, my diplomacy backfired completely. Here is what happened.
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