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Solution 1.C

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Risk Strategies, Solution 1.C: Fight with Green


Fight with Green

The key to Risk is to make everyone think they are in a good position, while you slowly build up your forces, hopefully unnoticed. In this case I would cash the cards. My intention is to get Green and Blue into a corrosive war while not to annoy Blue or Green, at least initially. 

I would then start to slowly gain power. When ready, I would encourage Yellow to attack Blue from Kamchatka, so that Blue would not get too much power. This gives an unfair advantage to Green in his corrosive war. I can take advantage of this by breaking the treaty with Green! This has to be done gracefully. I would attack Egypt, and then retreat. So the turn would go as follows: 13 new armies, 5 on West Europe, 5 on South Europe and 3 on Scandinavia. I will attack Egypt from South Europe, followed by a withdrawal.

While Yellow is fighting Blue, and Green and Blue are engaged, I shall attack Green and hopefully get his continent and maybe his cards. I would then be unstoppable!

Alliances are only ever to be used when convenient. This is an understanding in all our games.

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MHC   By MHC @ Thursday, October 9, 2008 6:37 PM
This assumes that Green can't/won't retaliate.

Qin   By Qin @ Sunday, May 23, 2010 10:29 PM
This is the best given choice but it will not win the game. If red exchange cards then anyone will probably be exchanging cards. Reinforcement from cards should not be use for attacking and certainly not in red case. The reinforcement should be use to reinforce Europe. He has the best chance of keeping it.

He should probably make treaty with Blue and Green. Green cannot hold Africa. Blue is in a hard position and will be probably loose the game but green cannot do it in one turn. Red can hold Yellow off until Green take North America.

Red probably secure Europe and let Yellow attack Africa then attack yellow.

slickandjake   By slickandjake @ Friday, September 24, 2010 3:03 PM
I, too, disagree with this option, to a point. At some time you need to break the alliance with green. In a few turns may be a good time, but first green needs to be in a pitched battle with blue over N.A. and S.A. Let them grind each other down for a few turns. If you allow yellow to get a path towards green to try to invade Africa, then that is your best way of attacking green, i.e. letting yellow and blue do it. Somehow you need to make it more enticing for yellow to do so, and this can be done by attacking in northern asia while keeping the Ukraine more reinforced then the middle east. You also need to keep southern europe fortified to avoid a yellow attack from africa to europe. Enaging yellow is OK, as long as it is not full-blown, but you have the advantage with army bonuses from Europe versus Australia. If green or blue gets the upper hand in their battle, then the time might be right to make an attack on the "winning side" to avoid a powerful foe at your border.

if yellow chooses not to move its way to Africa and instead starts a battle with blue, then green will likely get the upper hand in S.A. and N.A. This means attacking green may come sooner then later. The best move is not to make any rash movements now, you just are not strong enough and all three of your opponents will be significantly strong and looking for a counter-attack on red. The overall goal is to contineu to grow stronger then the other three, and look for opportunities to wipe someone out for their cards if it presents itself.

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