Subject: Defender's Double Dice Odds?
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23 Jan 2011 7:13 PM  

One thing that has been regularly talked about during our risk games is when the attacker rolls 2-3 dice and whether the defender should roll one or two dice. In the last section of the book there is a section on dice probability which is great, however if the attacker rolls 4 and 3, what are the odds of destroying 2 armies with 2 dice? How much risk is involved AFTER the attacker has rolled?

It might be a good suggestion to give the odds with a caption for each possible 2 number outcome (i.e. 5 & 3, 6 & 2 etc) and the odds of the defender winning. I once rolled 3 sixes and with my naive friends ignorance of dice odds, rolled 2 dice and scored both sixes - I'd like to know the odds of that!

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24 Jan 2011 1:32 AM  
Thanks Callum for your feedback. When playing Risk many house rules dictate the attacker and defender should throw their dice at the same time. This is also the case for online Risk games. This way you just know the result of the battle. The calculations provided in the book help you to know if you must throw 3, 2 or 1 dice and what to expect.

If you throw dice as an attacker, and then wait for a defender to throw dice, knowing the probability is only academic as you cannot make a decision based on it. In addition, luck evens out after many throwing so while although you may get unlucky at some point, your luck may return later. This is another reason why you should always plan for worst case scenarios expecting bad luck and knowing what to do when you get it.

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04 Jul 2013 11:07 PM  
I would roll two dice all of the time.
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