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What is this section about?

The purpose of this section is to provide independent reviews on computer and online Risk games. As always, each computer game has its pros and cons. Each game tries to accomodate certain needs and as a result it is slightly biased on certain features.

You as a player, may find one incredibly enjoyable, while you may not care about a feature provided by another game. Over the years, online Risk games have evolved dramatically. In addition, each online game has tried to be slightly different from the original classic Risk (perhaps for legal reasons). This has led to a wide range of variations and styles that is difficult to comprehend before getting engaged in the game itself.

As Risk fans, we are grateful that developers are continuing their efforts on enhancing these games, so that we can have yet another game and enjoy the trill of winning.

The purpose:
Hence, this section serves two purposes:
  1. Discovery of new online Risk games as they are introduced into the market.
  2. Evaluation of these games based on their functionality, popularity, style of play, originality and so on.
A number of links and reviews are provided below for the current popular games. These reviews are independent of the software publishers.

What you can do?
You, as a Risk fan, are invited to comment and review the online Risk games listed here. In particular those who are frequent users of these games are welcome to provide their insight.

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In addition you can also submit new links on Risk games and your reviews. Upon approval, the review will be added to the site for the community's consideration.

The links here are listed in no particular way.
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The following survey attempt to identify the best games in different categories. The survey is held periodically to accommodate new entrants.
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Unofficial Games, Browser Based

Article Rating:::: 33 Ratings :::: Saturday, March 10, 2007


Platform/Requirements: Browser

Review: A free online multiplayer variation. Includes custom maps and a map editor for creating new maps. It has leaders, capitals and fortresses. Games can be played on any timetable, including real time.

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MFlewOneTwo   By MFlewOneTwo @ Saturday, June 2, 2007 6:59 AM
Landgrab provides many different options (which other sites, such as ConquerClub, do not, necessarily).

Also, allows you to play on your created maps, very easily. No discrimination against the maps, yet there is a ranking system in place to ensure that certain maps are "endorsed".

Very playable, nice layout, decent-sized community and usually at least 90 players online at a given time.

Excelus   By Excelus @ Thursday, November 5, 2009 12:50 PM
I have tried Conquer Club and LandGrab, and between the two, I like LandGrab better for these reasons:
2) The way CC is run is oppressive, no freedom of expression. People are banned and lose their money for the smallest of infractions. Many innocent people lose their money after being falsley accused of being a mutli.
3) Our most popular map at LG is the classic risk one, CC doesn't have anything like it. They don’t have the Middle Earth Map either. The site owner claims he’s nervous of legal action by Hasbro.
4) You have to know CSS to make maps and even then, only if you get “Special Approval” for your map. Here, we are all free to make maps, or have fun trying.
5) Our year’s membership is $5 less, ($20 vs. $25).

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