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Scenario 1: Playing as Europe

Diplomacy, Treaty

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Risk Strategies, Scenario 1: Playing as Europe

In this map you are playing as Red and it is your turn. You have made a number of treaties and have conquered Europe.

The history of the game is as follows (Each turn is a column).


Risk Game Table - Scenario 1


There is a treaty between Red and Green. The treaty is that Red will not attack North Africa, Egypt and East Africa from Southern Europe, Eastern Europe and Middle East and in return Green will not attack Southern Europe, Eastern Europe and Ukraine. This treaty lasts until only Red and Green are left in the game. 

Considering that Blue is next and that he might have a combination of cards, and that Yellow is getting very powerful, what is the best strategy for Red to follow? What sort of diplomacy will you try? Would you try to make a treaty with Blue for Greenland? Or will you try to attack Blue while it is weak, but try to withstand its subsequent move next turn?



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Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:23 AM
I thought it was to place all of your troops in Ukraine (including cards), and attack Ural, country due south, and then the Mideast. You aren't in a treaty from there Wink Then attack all of Africa, andend turn in North Africa. I would NOT attack the country in Europe blue controls, but rather, do that next turn. Yelow is not a threat yet, his troops are too far away


Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:23 AM
As I am a man of politics, I would most likely assume some heavy negotiation with the player in Africa and S. America. Seeing as though he holds Cental America, I would prompt him to build up his numbers there without attacking. I, red, would direct all my power to Iceland. I would anticipate that the N. America player would try to win back Iceland, but not as much as he would want to win Central America and the five armies it would ensure. In the worst case scenario, my attack on Iceland would lose and the border would be left undefended. If that happened (especially since blue may have cards), I would take the blow and wait until next turn, when I may have cards and he will only have three new armies to place. As for yellow, I would politely encourage him to invade Alaska, because it is in his "best interests".


Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:29 AM
its is obvious go through europe and then treaty with asia and invade notrth america through greenland and then you can crush south america then you will be getting 15 extra battalions per turn. and asia will be shitting themselves Smile (easier said than done though) but i have pulled off a situation similar to this!


Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:29 AM
Well consider the following...I'id say first to blue, that if he would give me
Iceland, id get my 5 bonus and even attempt a cease fire at that location,
so he can put all his troups up against that threat in Central America,
considering next turn he gets to cash in. Once i get that in order id put
all of my troops in the Ukraine and begin the slow process of weakening the
yellow group. Id honor the treaty with green and even if i run into those
ten armies in Siam i could fight my way through most of Asia with my 5
bonus armies to get a risk card every turn, until I am able to put up a
formidable attack. The blue threat in Asia would(hopefully)leave because
he needs to fight down in central america, but if it doesnt leave I have a
much better chance at getting cards to cash in than he does, considering
his only option at first is to fight off central america to get his 5
bonus. So everything(barring horrible rolls) should work out fine.

Mr. Politics

Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:30 AM
i never make treaties unless desprate. in this case all ready having a treaty with green, who is due to get 5 xtra armies, i suggest to blue (who is next and might have a set of cards) to take out his continental armies and i will cash in and attempt to take out yellow's continental armies. we play "no one owns a continent" and if someone doesn't "do their duty" whoever does not own the continent teaches the lesson rather harshly.


Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:30 AM
My plan is one army on each west and south europe, the rest on Scandanavia.

I then would attack ice land and if I had 2 or more armies up on greenland

I'd take it over. Next turn whether or not blue gets a set he can't take it

all back and if he tries will be weakend and attacked from all sides


Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:31 AM
I would get the 10 armies from the cards and put 2 or 3 on Scaninavia to

take ice land and try to convice Blue it was only for the continent. They I

would make a treaty with blue along that border until Yellow is gone. Then

I would try and get everyone to gang up on Yellow since his is becoming so

powerful. Once Yellow is gone, chances are Blue will moved his armies from

Greenland. That means he will be and easy target for a 1-hit invaion as

long as Green ganged up on Yellow and not Blue. Then fortify you borders

and try to take Asia. This should be easy because Blue was to weak to

control Asia well and Green had only one entance to Asia. As long as you

can contain Green afterwards, you will no doubt win!


Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:36 AM
My solution to the scenario would be to trade in cards and place 6 in Scandanavia, 4 in Western Europe, and 3 in Southern Europe. I would then attack Iceland, but not Greenland, hoping to convince blue to use the armies he'll recieve from trading in cards to control North America and pick up territory in Asia (though I would have no intention of allowing blue to recieve five armies by keeping North America). I would then attack North Africa from Western Europe and move on to capture as much of South America as possible, except for Venezuala as that would expose me to attack from green's seven armies in Mexico. These attacks would essentially put green out of the game and would put me in a good position to possibly hold both Europe and South America next turn. Green would probably be upset about me breaking the treaty, but as long as I leave two or three armies in North Africa, he wouldn't have much of a chance to break into Europe.


Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:36 AM
across the pond , and in texas, i never make treaties unless very desprate. in the case described ( already having an allience with green ) i would make a deal with blue , who is up next, trade in cards and try to break yellow and have blue disrupt all the continental armies. this way i am not stuck in the middle of the board defending numerous boaders only getting territorial armies while everyone else is getting free armies for continents + territorial armies


Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:37 AM
I, personally, would make a treaty with Blue. The treaty would go that he

forfeits his hold on my Europe, and then we have a truce. This leaves him

to either duke it out with Green or Yellow. Since I have a treaty with

Green and Blue, now, I would convince Green and Blue to assist in invading

Yellow. This way, as you mentioned so many times, Yellow cannot fight the

world at once, and thus he becomes weaker.

Once Yellow collapses, I would make a treaty with the weaker of the two so

that I could gain credibility for sympathy in future games. Also, assuming

that I am the more agressive player, it will be easier to wipe out the

weaker one, after we wipe out our initial target.


Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:37 AM
When I play treaties are commonly broken so there is no point to them. But

in this instance if green and I have a treaty I would cash in my cards then

be forced to take Afganistan from the yellow in order to keep them at bay.

Next I would attack Iceland then take over Greenland and end my turn. after

I would have three more colonies and my full 5 for Europe and have a

significant advantage in both Asia and North America. My next turn

(assuming I do not lose any territories) I will acquire 8 armies, enough to

defend my new countries or attack and get new ones. I would then move up

through Asia against the Blue and come into North America through Alaska,

thus sealing the fate of the Blue and Yellow and making me strong enough to

destroy the Green in a couple of tunrs.

Canadian Risk

Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:38 AM
The best solution in my view is to fortify in the Ukraine and hope green

and yellow engage in an erosive war. Then, take iceland and hold off and

see what happens.


Europa   By Europa @ Saturday, June 30, 2007 5:04 PM
First, you need to get Europe. You need to do it decisively, so cash you cards and place at least armies in Scandanavia to ensure you have a good advantage in winning the continent and also keeping it by taking Greenland and fortifying back to Iceland. This will put more pressure on Blue, but will not harm you, assuming your defenses in Iceland are at least 6 or more armies. If you fall to 6 or fewer armies, call off the attack on Greenland. You really should have at least 7 or more armies as Blue will go next and potentially turn in cards. If he does, he will get 15 armies to place, and since he has to counter the threat in Central America, he can place no more than 7 of his armies against you. Of course, he could launch an all out attack on you, which you would have no defense, so you should consider who you are playing agianst!

Next put the rest of your reinforcements (5 armies) into the Ukraine and begin to slowly grow through Afghanistan. Take out his five armies there and leave enough behind in the Ukraine for defense. Alternately, you chould choose to whittle down the armies in Afghanistan to 1-2 and do the same for the Greenland to keep your borders safe with out having to place any of your armies jeopardy because you can't fortify them out of a territory.

lwd   By lwd @ Sunday, September 16, 2007 5:35 AM
priority hes to be iceland, so i would try to make a deal with blue that once i have europ i will not attack n.america leaving him free to concentrate on claiming that continent. i would then attack some of the yellow forces in south western asia protecting the green units from attack there and allowing them to concentrate on stopping blue. hopefully the green player will feel safe and will move his strength into s.america leaving africa weak enough for me to sweep through next turn

Great Alan   By Great Alan @ Saturday, October 27, 2007 10:15 AM
Firstly,cash the troops and then recapture Iceland and even capture Greenland if possible.
Then,plan to take Africa.Meanwhile,watch out the action of the powerful yellow.

Europa   By Europa @ Thursday, December 20, 2007 8:43 PM
I am beginning to rethik my strategy here. I wonder if abandoning Europe might not be a bad idea. Go for Africa instead and neutralize that threat, eliminate the bonus three armies he gets and migrate south. This may actually give you a better position and not tie you down to Europe so much. I tend to like Europe because most people stay away and it gives you 5 bonus armies, but in this case I wonder if it might not be a good idea to take Africa, especially since it is so weak.

Europa   By Europa @ Thursday, December 20, 2007 8:45 PM
Better yet, forget the continents and take out North Africa, then invade South America and rub him off both bonuses!

Bismark08   By Bismark08 @ Monday, February 18, 2008 3:54 PM
I would not cash the cards first of all. Second put two men in scandavia and retake Icleand. Use this to form an Alliance with Blue. Attack Ural from Ukraone leave it with 1-2 men. The goal is to try and anger green while demonstaring your power to yellow. Your next turn cash in and invade Africa. Green will be facing a two prong attack and will be forced to withdraw to S.A while you take most of Africa. Yellow will take Green's Asia land in his turn. Now that Blue has N.A. and is safe from Europe he will focus on Asia and maybe try and take venezula. Green will be a non factor. Yellow and Blue duke it out in Asia. You take Africa. Then invade N.A. and Asia win game.


n64pep2   By n64pep2 @ Monday, January 4, 2010 3:43 AM
do not cash in the set, use your armies in Ukraine and head them towards Japan, (Ural, Siberia, Mongolia) and take out green there. Use your non combat to move Scandinavian armies into Ukraine.

Let green use all his forces in North America, Hopefully blue cashes in his set and gets the 10 armies to fight green with. Convince blue to push into Venezuela to deny green the two armies. If blue rolls well convince him to hit North Africa too so that he can deny green the other 3 armies.

On Yellow's turn convince him to hit Middle East and Egypt if blue did not hit North Africa.

Green will then use his armies to retake his lost continents, and thus spread himself thin.

On your turn cash your set and sweep through green using Southern Europe and Western Europe (and Ukraine through Middle East-to-East Africa if you need to). At all costs green needs to be wiped out this turn, it will give you 4 cards, plus your 1 card for capturing a territory, giving you 5 cards and another set next turn. You know that the other two players do not have a set to retaliate with, which will allow you to use the set to fortify your new position.

Pfv0.5   By Pfv0.5 @ Tuesday, June 15, 2010 5:09 AM
I think your best option relies in pitting everyone against yellow. Work something out with your partner, green, to give blue central america by pulling back his troops to venezuela next turn, and then cash in your set. Place all your troops on scandinavia, and force him out of iceland, rather decisively. Then, make him a deal (or rather force him into one): he can either accept your offer, take central america, hold north america, get his continent bonus, and join in on attacking yellow with you and green, or he can attempt to kill you, which he can not do with merely 15 additional troop, and face certain death at the hands of green and an ever expanding yellow. Your (hopefully large) standing army in iceland should force him to take your deal. Then move some troops to Ukraine, and wait for blue and green to set up North America (while they do that, work on whittling down a nearby yellow country, probably Afghanistan, probably even take it over - just make sure you do not come across as too imminent a threat). Then, work with blue and green to take asia - task blue with the upper countries, which he is closest too, and green with the lower. You will cut through the middle - but do so quickly (this is why taking Afghanistan beforehand or something might be a good idea), so you are the only one poised to invade Australia (maybe work with green to whittle Siam first, or just simply amass troops prior to so it does not matter - remember, you have the most prep time. Blue and green had to work out NA first). Once you have done so, maybe stall a bit to ensure you kill yellow and collect his cards. Once done, turn on blue, who likely harbors some ill wills for being basically coerced into the deal (which is now over), and pincer him with green. With your card and continent advantage, you should be able to ensure you come out on top of the conflict over green, so that when the final showdown comes, you are ready. The method outlined here seems to me to be the best, as your reputations stays in place (no deal breaking) and you have sufficient chances to pull off a win (or revise plans if things go wrong - if you cannot take out yellow, maybe you can work it out so green and blue kill each other in a struggle for Asia and Australia). Please critic, if at all possible.

slickandjake   By slickandjake @ Friday, September 24, 2010 1:42 PM
I would look at my cards and arrange my combination, but before turning them in I would act as if I came up with a great idea and ask blue for a one turn truce with the exception of allowing me to attack iceland. If he agrees, then I would not turn in a set and place 2 armies in Scandanavia and one army in the Ukraine and take iceland. I would have to think hard about whether or not I attack Afghanistan, making sure not to capture it, but to weaken it to 1 or 2 to minimize his potential counter-attack. I would base the judgement on what I have already gathered to know about him. I would then reinforce northern Europe from western Europe, which will allow me to direct those reserves in any direction. I would then hold fast in a European shell. I doubt blue would allow me to attack Iceland, however. In that case, I would ask for a one turn truce with blue.

If he agreed to the one turn truce, I would then place all 3 armies on Ukraine, attack Afghanistan, move all armies into Afghanistan, and then reinforce Ukraine from Scandanavia.

In both scenarios, I have done two things. I will have ensured blue will use his card set, if he has one, on someone else, likely green. I will also make my card set worth more (if he turned his in). It also gives me the ability to see what yellow's next intention is. If he moves his "10" army towards my direction, then I can find multiple paths around him in a counter-attack. I would somehow want to get green or blue to get in a conflict with yellow, but I do have good options here if yellow eyes me up. He is in a tough situation, with three strong foes around him, so he has to be careful, especially with no sets for at least 2 turns and with me going to have a set turned in my next turn.

If blue does not agree to any truce, then i would have no choice but to turn in my set and take iceland and greenland and try to defend there. i would probably put 2 armies in the Ukraine, again judging yellow's personality and playing style before deciding if I grind Afghanistan to 1 or 2. In this scenario, I am more likely to do so because I will not have the threat of big reinforcements the next turn.

slickandjake   By slickandjake @ Friday, September 24, 2010 1:43 PM
Oh, and I am assuming that the players are pretty true to their word when it comes to truces. I have to judge the character of the opponents before making such a decision.

slickandjake   By slickandjake @ Friday, September 24, 2010 2:21 PM
Wow, I read through the posts and I am amazed. A good number of people would straight break their alliance with green. Although this poses a good short-term position, I doubt you will be able to keep control of Africa very long considering green will likely retaliate, and yellow is a growing threat. It also entices blue to take on Europe. I think by doing this, you are losing a potential friend to help weaken yellow, while also going from a two-front war to possibly a 3 or 4 front war (i.e. multiple fronts from one player, say on Europe and Africa). Whatver happens, you will be stretched thin and open to counter-attacks everywhere. I think attacking green on this turn is suicide.

I am also amazed how everyone can get all other opponents to fight each other while you can take over the world. To say that you would get blue to attack green, and to get green to attack yellow, is easier said then done. I agree yellow has interest in taking on green, but how in the world does green have any interest in attacking yellow at this point? If you are going to say you are going to get one color to attack the other, I think you need to also discuss what would happen if you cannot convince them to do so? And at the rate people posting want to backstab their allies, what makes you think that someone who agreed to attack a different color doesn't backstab you?

In my comments above, I am assuming green will leave me alone, and I think it is a good assumption because he is not strong enough in Africa to take me out in Europe. And if he makes that move, not only will he make both of us vulnerable to yellow, but he may allow yellow to wipe me out for my cards. Also, he will leave South America vulnerable to blue and Africa vulnerable to yellow. He is secure in Africa if he has me as a buffer to the north, and will almost certainly seal yellow's victory if he attacks me. I also believe blue would honor a truce, since he is more concerned about N.A. then he is about taking Europe.

RiskDominator   By RiskDominator @ Saturday, June 8, 2013 12:42 AM
don't cash, treaty with blue, take iceland, and go for asia. (ideally you would have a war blue+green against yellow.)

The General   By The General @ Monday, September 12, 2016 5:34 PM
Make a treaty with blue and focus on yellow. After you have defeated yellow green and blue will be worn out from fighting each other. Sweep through North America and go for the kill.

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