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Scenario 2: Playing as Australia

Diplomacy, Tactics

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Risk Strategies, Scenario 2: Playing as Australia

In this scenario you are Red and your objective is to expand and conquer the world. You have Australia under your belt and feel that you are in a very good position as no one can threaten you. Hence, you are playing the classic safe strategy of isolated build-up. Now you have come to a point to decide which direction you want to take in the game and you would like to progress.

You have also been lucky as you have a combination with your 3 cards. The following is the card distribution (Each turn is a column):


Risk Game Table - Scenario 2


There are no treaties made in the game. Everyone seems to be interested in getting their own continent. However, the situation is unstable as it is that moment of the game, where players will start expanding. As the cards are yet to be cashed in, the number of armies entering the game is anyone guess.

If Blue succeeds in getting America, then that will be bad! Blue and Green are most likely to collide. Yellow is already the most powerful and gets more than everyone else every turn, and is an easy target. What would you do?



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Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:39 AM
I'd trade in the cards(placing 3 in Afghanistan and 7 in Kamtchaka), make a treaty with green and fight blue. Blue will then be distracted from his ambitions in Greenland as he will have to deal with the threat of red. I'll try to conquer North America and fight yellow with green.

Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:39 AM
I think I form alliance with Blue and Yellow, to smash Green at two fronts, Europe and S. America.

Most probbably Green will be eliminated, then I will try to get Europe while they are at loggerheads over S. America.

After which I just attack from behind.

p.s. If Blue and Yellow allied, I trade all my cards and go after blue first.

Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:39 AM
I would cash, placing 5 armies in China, 5 in Mongolia and 5 in Kamchatka, taking India from China and moving all armies there into India; eliminating green and yellow from Irkutsk and Yakutsk with the Mongolian force and transferring the residual, if any, to Kamchatka. This would consolidate my position in Asia and serve to contain casual attacks by yellow, green and blue, while allowing me to wait one more turn for a final decision on my direction of expansion. I'd offer blue a treaty on the Asia-North America border and, if achieved, enter Europe on the next turn to narrow green's options and have access to North America on an avenue not under treaty.


Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:40 AM
Lousy strategy, banking on fact they will do this, do that......

Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:43 AM
Yellow is easily the strongest, and even a concerted attack by red and green would be risky, as it would leave blue in an incredible position. The only course available is to put 5 men in Siam, and from there attack India. I would then reinforce Afghanistan from China at the end of the turn, creating a strong defensive barrier. Meanwhile, I would place the 10 men from my cards into Kanchatka and attack Alaska.
Once I was sure that my hold on North america was secure, I would then encourage green to attack Africa with me (he would be the biggest threat to both of us), whilst simultaneously making moves on the rest of Asia (and hopefully Europe too in time). Once I had Asia, I'd want to get rid of yellow first (one at a time!), but it's quite likely that green would eventually turn on me too. Heck, bring 'em both on, I've got at least 12 reinforcements!


Ehsan Honary   By Ehsan Honary @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:43 AM
I like your strategy. The fact that you divide the world into two pairs of powers (red+green vs yellow+blue) is certainly good. The only problem is having asia is a bit risky. The problem is that even your allies become nervous when you get something like Asia so that puts a lot of pressure on you. I guess trying to get green and yellow into a corrosive war will be nice, and then red can focus on blue. Over time, constant +2 of Australia and larger number of countries and less fighting will put red in a strong position.

Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:46 AM
If my calculations are correct you're going to get 2 armies for Australasia, 3 for the 11 territories you own and then another 10 for your set, so 15 armies. I would put 5 on Siam and 10 on China.

My reading of the game is that we are at a crucial stage with everybody about to sort out their powerbases. Anyone losing out is going to be at a serious disadvantage, so with everybody soon to get a set they are going to want to use these armies wisely. My number 1 aim is to get Green and Blue into a war of attrition over the America's and then I want to try and get yellow to take advantage of this and attack Green. Meanwhile I shall try to consolidate a large holding in Asia.

So the 15 on Siam is going nowhere, this is a deterent to protect my continent. Instead the 15 on China is going to take a little wander through Ural and into Ukraine, where (now hopefully an army of around 10) is going to stay.

Looking at my position now, I am kind of fragmented across Asia with a couple of largish armies. I'm trying to appear as maybe a threat in the future but not much to worry about at the mo as I'm full of holes. However I aim to shut those holes very quickly.

Blue's go. Whether Blue has a set or not, they can only attack me from Alaska now and I think Blue's No. 1 priority for the next few rounds is going to be take and hold North America. This is great as they are going to draw quite a bit of attention while they do this. So maybe some reinforments on Alaska, but no attack on me. Hopefully nice big attack on Green in Greenland and then circle the wagons to try and hold North America.

Green's go - green may have had plans on Europe, but my taking of Ukraine and Blue's aggression in North America I hope would change their priority. I would hope I have done enough to push green into attacking blue, or at least into protecting South America. If not there are easier targets to take in Europe than my Ukraine and I hope Green will feel taking mine out would leave it weak in front of Blue and Yellow.

Now yellow and here's the tricky bit. Yellow's 9 armies on the middle east are now pinned, as any attacks would leave it open for a counter attack into Africa, either from Ukraine or Siam. They could attack and then use the free move to retreat back, but this would be good for me as baiting Yellow in this way over time would weaken that army. I'm hoping instead they may be pursuaded to have a little go at Green's South America, or maybe go Europewards. If they do I'm laughing.

Next go, Take Irkurst and the one above it and reinforce my Kamchatka border, but try to reassure Blue that I have no real plans for attack in this direction for at least a while. If the rest has gone to plan Blue and Green should be caught up in a war of attrition over the America's, so Blue may be happy with a pact over Alaska and Kamchatkca.

It's really now just Yellow I have issues with. obviously I will try to get them to have a little go at South America, but my tactics will from now on to be to try and bait that large army on the Middle East to come out and have a go at Afghanistan or maybe China to weaken it a little. Hold Ukraine and try to edge my other large army on Siam into the middle East and take Asia with a 3 territory border of Ukraine, Middle East and Kamchatka. Holding this for couple of turns and it's game over. An alternative stratergy if that goes wrong is to try consoladating chunks of Europe instead.

Of course this could all go to pot at any time, especially as if I do get hold of Asia I can expect a battering from all other players. but this is what I'd aim for. Hoepfully that distraction for that one turn was enough for me to get into a dominating position.

P.S Interesting website by the way, some of your tactics are totally different to what I would use. Have to give some of them a try.

General Jim

Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:47 AM
First off, nice web site. I really like the scenerios and the subsequent discussion.

Red is sitting very nicely at this point in the game. On their next turn, I would not cash in for 10 armies, but rather wait until I acquired a fifth card. So with the 5 armies this turn, I'd drop them all in Siam and attack India. This will give Red a strong bulkhead of India and China protecting its continent of Aust. Yellow may attack with army in the Middle East, but reinforcing as necessary should minimize that likelyhood. Red's next turn cash in for 16 armies. China gets 10 armies and heads north to Ural, then west to the Ukraine (it'll likely be weak still). The remaining 6 armies will have to clean up Irkuska and Siberia. Blue will have likely fortified Alaska by now and a truce should be sought after. If the Ukraine can be taken, that leaves the armies of Afghanstan and India to take the Middle East next turn.

Green is in a bit of trouble, IMO. Making a truce with Yellow at NA-BR seems unlikely here. Green's best bet is to make a truce with Blue at CA-VZ. This allows them to concentrate on Europe. S. America might be a lost cause with strong opponents at both borders, but it might hold long enough to establish a new stronghold in Europe.

Blue is going to lock down N. America and then see what looks good. It may actually agree to a truce with Green at CA-VZ, but that'll only last as long as it benefits Blue. Its doubtful that Blue has interest in going into Asia, so that leaves going into Europe or S. America. If Yellow and Green go at each other at NA-BR, Blue is sitting pretty to clean up the spoils of both S. America and Europe in the later turns.

Yellow sees Green at every border and the two are going to fight it out sooner rather than later. If I'm the Yellow player, I think I'd try for a loose alliance with Blue, agreeing to let them have S. America without interference in exchange for an eventual truce at Iceland-Greenland and NA-BR while getting help on keeping Red from taking Asia. If thats in place, Southern Europe becames Yellow's first target. Yellow's goal should be to hold Europe for at least one full turn before Red tries to hold Asia. If Red gets careless and over extends, Yellow should head into Aust. if the opportunity presents itself.

Overall, Red and Blue are in the drivers seats of this game, while Green and Yellow are each other natural enemies based on board position and expansion oppotunities.


Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:48 AM
this is an interesting scenario, the game indeed appears to be at a cross roads, with this round pivotal to winning the game.

it seems to me the aims of the opponants are as follows,

blue, take north america
green hold SA and try to take europe
whilst yellow wishes to slowly expand.

aggressive opponent play seems likely given the cards held and trenches dug.i would try to avoid the fight this round and then move on my next go.

the optimal outcome would be for a corrosive war to kick off over SA given the sheer distance. this would be my aim.

thus whilst red can solidify its situation by taking the armies now, i believe appearing weak whilst trying to halt greens ambition is europe is your goal in this round, there are several rounds left in the game and even without taking the armies now reds in no danger of losing AUST.

i would then refuse the armies, announce the moral highground verbally committing to stop green from taking europe. then place my armies on afgan and attempt to take all of greens singles in europe. then move my armies south from the NA border. the aim being to ofset my aggressive move whilst showing no future plans for expansion, or asia. by hinting my european teritories are available for cards without consequences may also be of use.

this should show a willing to fight but a pasive nature. by refusing the cards, and having 4 next round, i should also look dangerous, hopefully i appear dangerous to confront but no threat, best avoided.

blue will play a consolidation strategy for NA, taking greenland and buildind up forces to the south, as asia is currently unconquerable as ive renouced all aggression to NA for next round through words and actions.
green will want to avoid a corrasive war over europe, which its unlikly to win, (ill have the northern territories whilst blue will have greenland) and neither yellow or i would let it. so might branch out from SA ,esp to stop blues NA bonus, to stop being surrounded by (larger) continents. a perilous position.
and yellow will see little value in attacking red. as i appear passive with large armies near, especially as green should seem like the main threat in africa. according to plan.

if all goes according to plan europe should be relatively low on peoples agenda so shy on armies, most troups should be surrounding SA and a conflict should have broken out, heavily weakening two opponents. whilst i should be relatively unharmed, maybe minus a few easily regainable territories, with 10+ armies from my cards, i have a chance to make a reasonable play at taking and holding one of europe or asia next.
if i took asia i would try to hold, whilst if i got europe i would still try to leave it for asia, holding AUST and EUROPE leaves no one else anywhere to fight over, other than where you're at, taking asia instead, leaves them something worth chasing after whilst limiting access routes.

this is my relatively inexperianced view.


Ehsan Honary   By Ehsan Honary @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:49 AM
Really liked your analysis:

To appear dangerous when confronted, but not a threat, hence best avoided!

I guess this is a general strategy for any player who controls Australia and wants to win ....

Well said ....

Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:50 AM
I would say the best approach would be to use the surplus of men generated from controlling Autsralia to take over Europe (without leaving Australia open to attack, of course). Europe provides its master with a formidable troops bonus and would not likley be strongly defended becuase Green and Blue are busy fighting over North America and South America. Once the battle between Green and Blue in the West dies down, Red could then make a temporary treaty with Yellow over the African-European border. This would force Yellow to expand into South America because its only other option would be entering the black-hole that is Asia (which is unlikley to happen). Red would be left getting the most troops in the game, and only having to worry about an attack from North America (either from Greenland to Iceland or, indireclty, by building up troops in Asia for a later attack). In this situation, Red would likley take over the game and be victorious. - T

Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:50 AM
In my variation, Red should make a treaty with blue for a cease fire in Kamchatka and Alaska until Red and Blue are the last two parties and that I can get Ural. Blue is likely to take that offer because he could focus on his interest to take over North America at first and then to go against Green in order to get some countries in poorly defended Europe or to prepare for an attack on South America as Green has two stronger neighbours. With that treaty the only thread I have to mind at the moment is the Middle East and I can concentrate on the west.

Once I achieved that, I'd NOT trade my cards yet and I'd get 5 armies (2 for Oz + 3 for countries).

I'd deploy 2 armies in Afghanistan and 3 armies would be set in China. After that I have the following numbers of bigger armies: 4 in Kamchatka, 8 in China, 5 in Afghanistan and 10 in Siam.

Now, I'd start to attack. At first I'd attack Ural with my forces in China and then I'd attack India with my troups in Siam. After that the border countries Ural, Afghanistan and India may have around 6, 5 and 7 armies and I could end my turn so far.

At this point I'd have two new countries and I'd be close to get all Asian countries but I don't look like a threat. That's because I still have a "hole" as I don't own Yakutsk and Irtutsk yet. The Yellow also wouldn't see me as a threat for his Middle East because my border forces (6 and 7) there are looking like defence against his 9. It also seems like that I might go for northern Europe as I have 6 armies in Ural versus one in Ukraine.

Blue's turn: His first action will be the fight for Greenland to get his continent completed. Further moves may not interest me now, because the can not do such a big impact on South America yet and may not attack Europe yet. Or at least not too much.

Green: Green has a problem with South America and so he neither would mind my actions in the far east nor do something in countries close to me. He is likely to get wiped out first as his European troups are to weak and South America is under big pressure.

Yellow's turn: He wouldn't see me as a threat either. That's because my troups next to Middle East are weaker then his and I have a hole in my country and I look more likely to attack nothern Europe. So he might let me alone or reinforce his troups in M.E. only a bit. He has, like the Blue, the focus on the Green. All in all, I'm looking weaker than I am and that's good.

My 2nd turn:
Now I'd trade my cards. Thus, I get at least 4 + 2 + 10(or more) = 16 troups. If one of the others traded first, then I'd have even 2 more. Now, I can deploy 6 troups on Kamchatka. That is NOT for beeing a threat to the Blue but to prepare the attack on the two countries in the west. The other 10 troups would the deployed in India to create a force of around 17 armies.

After taking Irtutsk and Yakutsk with 7 armies from Kamchatka (leaving 3 behind) and taking Ukraine with the army in Ural, it's the time to take Middle East in a major battle 17 vs. 9. After that battle the troups in Afghanistan can be moved to M.E. to provide a defence (maybe around 12), which may be big enough to stand an attack and keep Asia until the next round. Further, I'd have tryed to incourage Blue and Yellow before to deal with Green first so that they didn't change the army concentration in Europe too much and have other problems so that Ukraine might be strong enough to help keeping Asia for that round.

Having the borders to Asia quite save and expecting that Blue and Yellow are fighting against Green or each other in the last and maybe this round, I can go and wait for my next turn.

After that actions, I'd have a big nummer of reinforcement troups of 7 + 2 + 5 = 14. With that, I'd have a good basis for winning the game, as I've grown to a compact major force within two rounds and the others are fighting against each other meanwhile.

This may work against medium skilled players. Experienced players may see my intentions too early so that I would not be able to keep Asia for one round, what would be the point where I would be unlikely to be stopped easily.

(Feedback please)

-- monK

By the way: This is a great site, keep on going!

Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:52 AM
Here is my solution for Scenario 2. I haven't yet read the solution and I will after writing this. I will start off with the basics I consider befoer a turn like this.

- If cashes, he is more than likely to expand into Europe, or simply beef up borders. Given you reinforce Kamchatka, Blue is unlikely to risk his new troops in attacking you.

- Given you and Yellow cash, Yellow's path of least resistance is into Europe, or possibly even South America. If Yellow cashes, then taking away Green's bonus in South America will probably be a high priority because Yellow's only border threats to Africa is Green.

-If Green cashes, there are two avenues he may travel. The first, and less threatening to us, is placing most of his bonus into Greenland. From here he can hollow out Blue, as Blue's interior is all 1's. His other option, which would be more beneficial to him and worse for us, is if he placed only a few in Greenladn to stop blue's bonus, and the rest in Western Europe. From there he could both defend against North Africa and Yellow, but he could also get his Europe bonus, given he reinforces Ukraine and South Europe.

Despite this,I would start off by cashing in my cards, making my total reinforcements 15.

I would first request a 2+ treaty with Blue at Kamchatka-Alaska, noting that he is under immense pressure from Green on two fronts, and a treaty would allow him to free up two more men to make Northwest Territories and Ontario into 2, making an attack from Greenland uinlikely, and an attack to Greenland viable. Most anyone I've played with would accept this. The scenario states that everyone seems interested in their own continent, so Blue should be more than happy to call a treaty here.

Given the treaty was enacted my reinforcements would go as follows:

- Eight would go to Afghanistan.
- Seven to Siberia.

First attack: Kamchatka - Yatusk. Eliminate any Yellow presence inside my borders.

Next whatever is left from that to Irkutsk.

Attack Ural from Siberia (and either continue on to Irkutsk or take ), leave one army there, and take Ukraine. Leave whatever remains of Siberia in Ural.

That attack will make Blue think of North America as his base, and will increase the chances he takes Green as his primary target, posibly even invading South America is he cashes.

With the 5 men in China, take one man off of India, then finish it off with Siam.

Continue on and attack the Middle East with what is left from Siam. this attack will most likely fail, so use the 11 men you have in Afghanistan. Now attack Ukraine and Southern Europe. Green will now realise you are a major power, and prefer to cash his cards in Greenland and Venezula and take on Blue for the Americas, because he will have him pincered.

Assuming you have a border treaty with Blue at Kamchatka, move any men left in your territories and spread them between Middle East, and Ukraine. Before doing this you may even want to take East Africa and leave 1 army there, so as to take away Yellow's +3. This should only be done based on what type of player Yellow is. If he is likely to retaliate to Asia, then don't do it. If he s more likely to simply take it back and concentrate more on Green i nSout hAmerica, because it is an easier target for him that someone controlling Asia and Australia then take it.

From here you are making 15 men per turn (18/3+7+2) and have a treaty with Blue at Kamchatka, so it should be easy to Force Green and Blue into each other, and you should be able to hold off Yellow.

It's late, I probably left out lot's of that. I had it going in my head but didn't write it all down.


Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:55 AM
The solution to Scenario 2 is in my opinion completly different than any Ive seen postulated. It all lies in the fact that the seemingly insignificant country of Irkutsk is populated by Green who is dead but he dosent know it! Yet You shall make him live uintill blue sees red and makes the fatal blunder giving you north america and the game! Yellow is your first biggest problemb. but he shall be occupied with green. You shall own more territory than any opponent.

Heres how: 1 turn your cards . put 3-siam 3-afganistan 4-kamchutka. Take Ural and yaktusk. fortify to Kamchuka. This isolates one green country and makes it less desireable for blue or yellow to eliminate him in africa. Yellow knows green is helping him against blues North America But Green knows its a loosing prop to fight blue. Blue is the least likley to make a treaty with anyone. Green should try to ally with either blue or yellow. If succesful with Yellow. Red should try to ally with blue and take europe. If blue doesnt agree, emediatly attack blue. If alliances dont happen the Key is to hedge off yellow so green looks more desireable to attack and be prepared for blues assault on green.

Protect siam (Keep India diminnished). mass troops over 2-4 turns in Ural.If yellow attacks toward australia, green will attack africa and blue may punch into Asia to take the green in irktusk. red should take europe from ural. Blue probably hasnt fortified greenland too much because Europe wasnt previously a big threat.But dont take greenland and/or north africa or egypt yet just dimminish them if possible and fortify europes asian border.

dont keep a green country in europe. Let yellow or blue take them out. Your former stomping grounds of asia and australia look very desireable to both yellow and blue. Let them fight over them.The Idea is to get Blue and yellow going head to head while trapping or eliminating green.In the mean time you eat their tails. the trade off is worth it. The end result is you have europe and north america while yellow and blue own africa and S.A. and are fighting over asia! You should win from there on out.


Europa   By Europa @ Saturday, June 30, 2007 9:38 PM
I may make several posts later to flesh this out, but for now:

I would not turn in my cards just yet. Having set gives me flexibility that I will need later on. Waiting for others to turn in their cards first, especially far away opponents is a boon for you since you can cash in for more armies. I would try to build slowly so you can take advantage of your cards and not raise everyone else's suspicision and have them gang up on you.

Asia seems to be a minefield but ripe for the taking. Taking a territory here or ther can get you the card you need to be at four, and then you have more choices. Perhaps you can stave off turning in your cards one more turn, or may next turn you don;t attack at all. Now no one is mad at you, and if you spread your armies around the right way, no one should get nervous.

Your biggest problem is Africa, and you should aim to remove that threat as quickly as possible. depending on the types of players in the game, you may need to take out India, the Middle East and hopefully go for the African continent. This will prove to be quite an undertaking as you will need to fight 12 armies over 3 territories meaning you will need a minimum of 15 armies to mount your assault. If you aim to make this all-out assault on Africa, then don't expand to Asia, place all of your armies in Siam and blast through. This leaves little margin for error, but if this bold move works, you will have changed the balance of power in the game. You may be a bit weak, but with some creative troop movement, you can keep your defenses up. Once you hit India, move all of your troops in and see how far you get with the Middle East. If you do well, you can move enough of your troops to win Africa (3-4 at minimum) and fortify the others back to Siam. If the battles don't go well, you can always leave India behind with one army as a buffer and fortify back to Siam to protect Australia. This way you get a card and a chance to complete your objective while mitigating your risk.

This will leave Yellow in a vulnerable spot since he can't the 3 extra armies that Africa provides and will need at least few territories to get to you. You may become the hero of the game if this goes well!

Key to any move is diplomacy so you can minimize the number of enemies. If you don't plan to attack Yellow yet, he may be a great player align with, assuming he keeps his word. You always keep your trrops in Siam but now you can go card hunting in Asia and Europe and slowly grow.

An alliance with Green seems to be a fun idea as well as Blue since Africa is your biggest threat. Just get their permission to take out the isolated countries in Asia or be able to work around them until the time is right. Make it clear your just getting cards and only attack on territory at a time when doing this. Don't expand or they may see you as an opportunist. But if you can get Green or Blue to help you out, you will have less to worry about in Asia from Europe or North America and can focus on Yellow. This alliance will also give those players an incentive to attack the others and worry less about you until later in the game.

I think once you can get a serious handle on Asia, eliminate the African threat (hopefully Green can help you here), then you can think about turning in those cards for a serious punch.

I think it is important to temper the slow growth strategy with a surgical strike. If you don't help contain Africa early, the other players may force him to attack you.

Kamchatka provides an important place in your strategy as this territory can put pressure on North America as it strives to obtain that continent bonus. You can use this as leverage in any deal you make with him, including a border treaty over Alaska and being allowed to take out the isolated Ural territory with out diplomatic breakdown. This way you can also force the issue with Green as Blue and Green will inevitable clash: promise him not to attack him unless he enters Asia or ask him to work on Africa.

If you are really shrewd, this kind of deal making can get both Green and Blue together. You will need to work Blue first since he is your neighbor and since he agreed for the sake of North America, perhaps you can moderate an alliance between them so they can focus on Yellow. Green will be in a tough place with Blue and Red on the same page and this strategy can back fire if they believe that working with africa is their best bet. But you can counter that once Green goes into North America, the war becomes corrosive and three players will be fighting for North America. A war of attrition is something they don't want, so a temporary alliance to get rid of Yellow and to hold their continents (you can offer Green Africa and SA while Blue gets NA and Europe is open season) is more beneficial since they can eliminate one opponent. What better diplomacy than ganging up on the strongest player in the game?!

During all of this time you are in the background, picking off easy territories, and striking at Yellow, and then not attacking at all so as not to take a card and be forced to trade until the value of those cards jumps a few more notches. If your defenses build up the way they are supposed to, and your allies come through, you will be in a monster position when you cash cards for 12, 15 or 20 armies.

Denarius   By Denarius @ Tuesday, August 21, 2007 6:58 AM
I would not take action at this point. Not enough armies to kill anyone or conquer anything substantial.
What I would do is truce with yellow and if possible blue. Green is overexpanding and will get himself killed. Yellow will probably spend many armies getting Europe or something. Blue may get NA, but green would probably try to prevent that. Letting things play themselves out while stacking up more armies is my preferred choice. And I'd get rid of those pesky blue and green 1-armies in Asia first...

lwd   By lwd @ Sunday, September 16, 2007 5:51 AM
first impression was to try to ally with blue, then try to take europe, however that would leave yellow with no real option other than to attack me and they are far too powerful for me to be encouraging that. so instead i would ally with yellow, getting them to pull out of asia to focus on europe allowing me to take asia. that leaves us blue and green trapped, my only route then is into n.america leaving yellow to take s.america, hopefully at this point my extra reinforcement will see me matching if not slightly surpassing yellow for power ready for the big showdown

Sam   By Sam @ Tuesday, September 25, 2007 11:25 PM
This is what i would do. Feel free to criticise me. I woul cash cards put everything in afghanistan and attack ukraine s europe and finnaly the crushing attack on egypt. Because blue and green are fighting each otherthat is to my advantage but i must prevent blue getting too strong. yellow would get egypt and fortify. Then I would have 6 troops(is that right?), 5 in s europe and 1 in kamchatka doing so i can stop both yellow and blue. I would then ally with green and let green recover in SA and europe. Meanwhile i get asia and eliminate either blue or yellow depending on who is weaker/who has more cards and stop green from getting europe by attacking ukraine. By my next turn both blue and yellow should be eliminated(If not I'll eliminate them) and do a crushing attack on green.

Europa   By Europa @ Thursday, December 20, 2007 8:39 PM
This does seem like a good move, but I wonder if casing cards now is a bit premature since you willhave nothing to fall back on, and if others cash, your reinforcements will be larger later in the game. Going for Europe is a good idea in that it is very weak and ripe for the taking, but what do you do about the threat in the Middle East? He can back door you and really cripple your chances.

4pointdeer   By 4pointdeer @ Tuesday, October 28, 2008 7:38 PM
If I was currently playing this senario I Would cash my card and put it all in china next I would smash all the way from siberia to europe and fially ending in greenland If I have any remaining armies I would retreat them back to asia this would keep my army levels down so other players won't gang up on me and also limit greens expantion to africa or america I would incourage him to go after yellow if he won't lsiten to my encouragement then I will explain to him that if he had both the americas then he would probably be ganged up on by blue (if not eliminated),yellow and me because of how much power he has this would most likely get him to attack yellow if not yellow and me will get him. yellow will get S.A. and I will nail N.A. to help him. but that's all I will do. once yellow has a lot of armies I will let green have N.A. this will cause a nice corousive war between them. I will silently distribute my armies and not fight (except maybe to eliminate blue) or balance a onesided war between yellow and blue. by the time blue or yellow wins he will be very weak I will swoop in and destroy him or at least Nail all his continents. In the next few turns I'll win or If blue does take my advise and attack yellow I would nail blue adn really try to weakin him I would eventually win because of my austrailas +2 bounus and my extr territories. I would reinforce my position in america (yellow and green won't notice because of their war). after I built up in greenland (because it is far enough away to make the corosive wars "winnier" not nervous and just substitute the Idea I'm going after europe) will be later kill the armies. I win in this situation to

n64pep2   By n64pep2 @ Monday, January 4, 2010 4:23 AM
you need to hold on to your cards, it is not advantageous enough to use them yet. cards should be used in three circumstances,
1. you must use them because you have 5 or 6.
2. you can take a continent and be fairly certain that you can hold it.
3. you can wipe a player out and get their cards (if they have no cards there is no reason to wipe them out).

I would slow play right now and build up a little longer and see what the players do on their next turns. I would use my 5 armies in Afghanistan to take Ukraine, Scandinavia and Iceland if I can. The goal of this is to make green feel like Europe is a lost cause. This will force him to feel confined to South America, and hopefully green will make an aggressive move into Africa or N America. Also I would take Yellow out in Yakutsk to protect the green in Irkutsk from yellow wiping it out if yellow has a set.

Blue will almost certainly take Greenland on his turn, making green feel even more trapped. Blue has no reason to use his set if he has one.

On green's turn, he will almost certainly cash a set if he has one and make a push into North Africa in order to breakup yellow and connect his western and southern European armies.

Yellow will then retake Africa and may attempt to push into South America. This will hopefully leave weak enough forces in the Middle East and Eastern Africa or Egypt for you to push in. You should also try to protect the armies in Irkutsk so you can be the one to wipe out green.

RiskDominator   By RiskDominator @ Saturday, June 8, 2013 12:55 AM
I would alliance with blue, take india, and leave most of my remaining army in siam, (move 2-3 to india)

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