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Scenario 3: Playing as South America

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Risk Strategies, Scenario 3: Playing as South America


In this case you are playing as Red. This is the early stage of a 5 player game. Players have selected their continents and are ready to start the battle. Everyone is at risk. Unfortunately, Red was the last player and was left to choose South America. At this point in time, everyone has the same number of armies.

Situation analysis:

  • The Yellow player is a very experienced player, and looks at the long term scenario.

  • The Green player is new to the game, and may do mistakes later on (at least that's what you hope for).

  • The Blue player is an isolationist and so intends to grow slowly. 

  • The Brown player is aggressive and unpredictable. He is known to stab people on the back in previous games.

No one has any cards. What would be your overall strategy. What sort of tactics would you choose to survive in the short term. What sort of diplomacy or alliances would you like to have, given the profile of your opponents?

Discuss your solution given the range of moves that your opponents may take as it will have a huge impact on your subsequent decisions.



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Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:56 AM
Playing as Red

Brown is an arrogant ass that betrays people.
Yellow is experienced
Green is inexperienced
Blue is isolationist

Yellow would realize that a war from Brazil and Western Africa would be a war of atricion (sp) and is likely persuaded to a ceasefire between the 2 provinces for at least a few turns.

Brown cannot be trusted to form an alliance with and therefore is the more obvious target.

The others might get a rise of seeing Brown's fall and when they see my plan they might lay off of me for a bit. (At least until i am established).

I might put 2 armies on Brazil to further communicate to yellow that he will not go through me.

Yellow is likely to take a few Euro territories to limit greens expansion into asia, the unconquerable continent. Remember that Yellow went through Red territories and not green ones so Green is not likely insulted, just frustrated. If green decides to stay in Europe, I might be in trouble because Yellow has to make a choice between fighting me or green. I hope he will see the access that Europe provides and fight green.

My darling territory is Kamchaka. I think Brown will be obsessed with gaining his own continent that a backdoor attack through Alaska would shock him. I only need Kamchaka for 1 turn, then blue can have it.

If blue remains isolationist throughout the game, he will be well developed and stand a good chance at occupying Asia. Hopefully the conflict between yellow and green hampers this because Blue is already going to be a tough nut to crack.


Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:57 AM
kill brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really hate backstabbers.

Anyways I would hold off the attack from kamchuka until the alaskan forces are diverted and not bring attention to the area. I would try to make some sort of ceasefire with yellow who would most likely take the opportunity to seize europe. killing brown shouldn't be too hard as you recieve bonuses for south america while he gets nothing extra. The only real problem i see is after taking north america, yellow might have europe (or green might it doesn't matter) and I would be relatively weak from fighting brown. hopefully green and yellow may still be fighting long enough to strengthen my borders. as for blue........once N. america is secured and reinforced substantially, you should have no troubles 10 reinforcements vs. 5. I think. Before that though, blue could be unpredictable and might attack through kamchuka, but i don't see why.
If war breaks out between you and yellow/green, don't forget about blue and use a little propoganda against him.


Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:57 AM
Agree, I think Yellow is the real threat on this board, but nothing really can be done about it. Red definetely has to talk himself out of a tough situation and I don't think the Kamchaka attack is a first turn move. you first have to goad him into the south with Central America. (see a problem here? it puts brown uncomfortably close to your power base, but that's why they call it 'Risk')

Blue is isolationist and slow expanding so while they may be a very compact powerhouse, they won't really have friends and whomever wins europe would be able to secure my support for a war against blue in asia. If yellow wins it than red is in a pickle because yellow holds 2 continents and better world access. Pressure on brown means that brown won't be able to pressure green and I think green might have a good chance at Europe, if he doesn't do anything stupid (I'd be willing to advise him a bit, in the name of good sportsmanship by helping the n00b, but not at the expense of angering yellow until he is fully committed to Europe)


Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:57 AM
Here's how it should shake down:

Yellow is an obvious ally, since he doesn't want to fight someone with a brai, (you). Make a border trues between North Afica and Brazil. This allows him to go after Europe while you can take his yellow in North America with no problem.

Obviously, no one will like brown, because he backstabs. North America is an easy expansion from South America, so split troops between Venezuela and Kamchatka. Brown is eliminated in North America.

Yellow goes after Green in Europe and blue eliminates brown by taking his Asia territories.

Since blue is isolationist, he won't care you took territory from him in North America. If he is angry, offer the rest of your Asia unhindered. He then eliminates green from Asia.

You and Yellow should finish off your continents at basicall the same time. What you do next is crucial. Hopefully, you never moved troops from your Brazil border and, even better, he did to go after Europe, (this is likely, since North Africa is right next to a Europe territory). You " nail" Iceland, citing it as a better place to defend than Greenland, (many territories can be attacked from Greenland). If Yellow tries to attack you, you can go backdoor and "nail" North Africa, which destroys his army totals, so Yellow will concede Iceland for now. What he doesn't realize is that he screws himself at this point in the game.

Whereas you have really only one front to protect, (Kamchatka shouldn't be too much of a threat from blue, and there's a truce in Brazil), and way more armies coming in, you have pulled off my favorite fortress: Frotress Americas. Yellow will have to either take Iceland, which will lead to you taking North Africa in response and all but eliminating Yellow, or he will have to go against Australia. Either way, though, he will be the next out.

You can more readily expand to Africa than Blue, because of your chokepoints, which means you now have three continents to his one. fortify your borders, keep one army in each other continent, and gradualyy finish Blue off.

Note, this does not account for cards, but still you should be in the best shape following this.

Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:58 AM
Alliance Overview:

Green, being the n00b that he is, will readily take any alliance offered. Yellow is far too experienced, and will backstab Red when convenient. Blue may take an alliance to feel more secure, but the best one here is Brown. His forces are too tiny to stop Red from anyhting, so bully or sweet-talk him into an alliance, as well as Green. The three of you can take Yellow down, and when Brown backstabs you, Green will step in to stop him. If Brown backstabs Green first, you can either save him, or try and take Blue by yourself.

Imported Post   By Imported Post @ Friday, March 16, 2007 11:58 AM
I often find myself in this position, except Brown, and green are switched. Keep a steady supply of men in Central America, and make a Cease Fire treaty in Brazil. Encourage Yellow and Brown to Attack Blue, while troop moving to let him in Kamchetka. Blue the more experienced is far from me, but I will continue to urge others to attack him, and keep weakening him. With my forces take back Kamchetka, while leaving forces in Brazil. Also attack the preoccupied Brown with Central America. Rest for a little, and encourage Blue to attack Yellow. Yellow will weaken and I will finish him off. Brown and Green will no longer be an obstacle, and I will use my cards.


Europa   By Europa @ Saturday, June 30, 2007 7:39 PM
An alliance seems to be a must. First, try Africa. If not, you have to attack Africa enough to bring his forces down to an acceptable level. Then you can focus on North America. If Africa doesn't align with you, offer to back out of North America on your fortify step, and make a 2 or 3 turn alliance with Brown. Then you can smash into Africa and cripple Yellow. Either way, make it clear that an alliance with you is a good thing, not being one with you is very bad.

IF you can't get any alliances, then branch outward: look for friends in farway places and try to get them to see either Yellow or Brown as a threat so they can start working on them. If this propaganda works and Yellow and Brown know the other opponents are gunning for them, they may need to shift their strategies accordingly or else they will end up as Spoils of War.

Once you have decided who you will attack, it is important to attack with everything you got. IF in North America, be sure both United States territories are wiped out, if in Africa, besure North Africa is either yours or very weak.

lwd   By lwd @ Sunday, September 16, 2007 6:12 AM
in this position alliance with yellow is an absolute must, concentrate on weakening browns hold on n.america as soon as possible sweep through to claim it all then sit and wait hopefully by this point yellow will hold most of europe and you can discuss sharing iceland for a few turn to ensure that you both get cards, fortify the borders then strike hard at yellow on both fronts (make sure they dont have a set to cash at this point) just 1 turn without any bonuses should be enough to weaken break them next turn. be careful they could be planning to do the same thing, thankfully they have a larger back door to keep defended

Europa   By Europa @ Thursday, December 20, 2007 8:35 PM
How does one get a treaty with Yellow since he has much incentive to attack South America? How do you force a deal with Yellow and also neutralize the threat Brown poses just north of your border? Do you pincer North Africa from Western Europe?

RiskDominator   By RiskDominator @ Friday, June 7, 2013 7:33 AM
convince the blue and yellow players to create a disturbance in NA, then pick up the pieces (conquer NA). create a treaty with yellow. The rest is easy.

Eliminator   By Eliminator @ Sunday, September 29, 2013 7:10 AM
I suppose the answer to Europa's question is Europe. Yellow wants the 5 bonus more than he wants the 2 bonus.

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